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Last Thursday, The Churchill Garden released their latest single, “Noise“, featuring Krissy Vanderwoude of Whimsical. Andy Jossi’s musical imprint has always been expansive and textured, rarely fitting in the traditional “radio” constraints. This time, The Churchill Garden has worked to maximize impact in a shorter time window, and the results are quite impressive. While we don’t expect Andy to start cranking out four-minute chart hits, it’s obvious he’s mastered his form, and can effectively color inside and outside the traditional lines, whenever he darn well feels like it.

As impressed as we were by the single, we were even more impressed by the video we got a sneak peek of. Aquatic layers and shades of classic Curve, it’s a brilliant complement to the sonic presentation. Andy Jossi has spent years perfecting his visual sensibilities, but usually limited to single covers and still imagery. Seeing his design sense applied to motion video is an ideal pairing of audio to visual. As a radio station, we don’t traditionally get excited over video. But if there’s more like this to come, we’re here for it.

We chatted with the two primaries about the creation of the video for “Noise”.

Andy: “I am someone who does not premeditate too far in advance or overthink the end results ahead of time. I just kind of go in with a small vision and let the emotion of the song and creativity drive the process from there. I had previously done videos for my songs “sleepless” and “the same sky” but this was the first time I had done a video where I was layering footage and syncing up certain parts to make them flow smoothly together. Through trial and error I kept what worked and got rid of what didn’t, but I finished it all in a day!”

Krissy: “Andy proposed the idea of doing a video for ‘Noise’ and asked if I would be willing to shoot some footage. Knowing what an incredible artist he is, I fully trusted that he would do something really cool with it and was excited to give it a try. He had one specific request and that was that I try to do some sort of shot which showed movement in my hair. I tried a few different things, but was initially a bit discouraged because none of them were giving the desired effect. I knew this was the one shot that Andy really had his heart set on, and I did not want to disappoint. Fortunately I had the lightbulb moment to use a blowdryer to fan the hair and create movement and we were both incredibly happy with how that segment turned out!”

Andy: “I had the initial idea of I wanting to put together a video so I asked Krissy to film some footage of her while I searched for some footage of Jellyfish. We both loved the way the artwork turned out for this song, so we wanted to keep those rich colors present in the video and loved idea of using jellyfish as well. They are such silent creatures that move about in such a complex, almost chaotic and “noisy”, way at times. Although there are things I see that I know could be better, we are both very happy with the end results. It was a great learning experience for me and now Krissy and I both know what we can do better next time!”

If this is the beginning of a new chapter for The Churchill Garden, we’ll love to see what develops!

Follow The Churchill Garden via the website, on Facebook, and dive deep into the back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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