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I've told y'all about the nightmare that Soundcloud can be when you're looking for some good new tunes. Still true, although it seems to get worse in December (sort of like driving this time of year; I swear most of the idiots on the roads these days only go out in December because, if they were driving all the time, they'd have to be better at it, wouldn't they?). So anything that's good jumps out at you, even if it isn't Christmas or holiday oriented. And that's how I came to learn about The Churchill Garden, the Shoegaze project of Switzerland's Andy Jossi. I don't even remember what my search terms were, but the song "The 8h Day" popped up and I thought I'd lend it an ear. Who knows, maybe it was some erzatz Hanukkah thing. Odds against it, but you never know. And the song, featuringOmega Vague, was just gorgeous and I was completely swept away. No, not a holiday tune, but a great sound that was a Shoegaze and Pop hybrid. So I figure one of these guys has to have done a Christmas song, right?

Well, The Churchill Garden does have a song for Christmas--cleverly entitled "Christmas". It's not quite as awesome (to me) as "The 8th Day" (might be because there are vocals on "The 8th Day"), but its the same basic approach--combining Shoegaze with Pop--and I love the sound. "Christmas" is from 2011, but it's still available as a free download on Soundcloud and also at The Churchill Garden's website.

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