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The Churchhillgarden- Evelyn & the 8th Day

Churchhillgarden – Evelyn feat. Blush Response

The beauty that is “Evelyn”, was released on the 27th of October in collaboration with Alister Douglas of Blush Response. On the 8th of December he published a newly polished, older song “The 8th day” featuring, Omega Vague’s Craig.

The Churchhill Garden is Andy Jossi, a one man project from Lucerne, Switzerland.

Andy grew up with and is influenced by alternative music in the late 80’s, early 90’s. He gradually became a big fan of shoegaze. He made several attempts at starting a band but decided he didn’t like playing live and that he couldn’t sing:

Andy:” I realised that nobody really wants to play with someone who doesn’t want to play live. So I decided to make a go of it on my own as I had pretty much all I needed to set up a home studio”. I bought a Guitar rig and started making my first recordings with Garage Band. I had never written a song before. I didn’t really how to proceed but I was really enjoying myself. So I started this little project: The Churchhill Garden.”

The project has turned out rather magnificently and Andy often works with guest vocalist like he did this time on “Evelyn” on “the 8th Day”.

Andy:” I just send them a message on Facebook; send them some music; they send back the vocals and I mix the lot. That’s the good thing about modern technique. This way, I have worked with a.o. Blush Response and Omega Vague. Alister and Craig were super friendly and a pleasure to work with!”

“Evelyn” is full dreamy layers of vocals, spiralling; echoy guitar riffs, slow strumming, and melting basslines. It’s like falling into a billowy canopy of bliss…….

“the 8th Day” is a shimmering track that steadily swirls skywards. Craig’s voice here has an 80’s ring to it that reminded me of the Adventures.

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