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Nestled away in Lucerne in Switzerland you will find the shoegaze music maker Andy Jossi who uses The Churchhill Garden as his vehicle of creativity.

The Churchhill Garden I was thinking of a more appropriate genre than shoegaze and only came up with shoe-wave, which might play the wrong connotations in the mind. The Churchhill Garden is a sonic wave of electronically created material with almost no lyric that embeds itself in the head with startling ferocity, for music as reflective and subdued as it is. This brings in a confluence of sound streams which send their way out of the speakers reminding me of watching low-lying clouds rolling in through mountains and valley. The music covers all it touches with a gentle shroud, enveloping the room in to a space of tranquillity and calmness. Yet not sending the listener off in to a slumber, rather encapsulating the mind and refreshing the tired ache of life’s stresses. Once again a hard working solo artist finds time to offer more than expected and Andy will make vinyl singles to order from his wide repertoire of music, you just need to select two tracks and it will all be done.

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